How to buy the right screwdriver bit set?

It is one of the most commonly used components you would find in any toolbox – screwdriver bits are detachable and interchangeable metal pieces that are inserted into a screwdriver to fasten or loosen a screw head. In order to avoid damaging the screw head when tightening or loosening it, you must match the shape and size of the screwdriver tip.

Screwdriver bit sets come in different drive designs, shapes, sizes, styles, and torque settings. In order to ensure you have the right screwdriver bit set, buying the right screwdriver bit set is the best decision to take.

Here is how to buy the right screwdriver bit set.

In order to choose the best bit for any project, you need to consider the screw type, size, and type of surface you will be driving it into. If the rotational force of a screwdriver is not right, the bit will disengage and the fastener will slip out. There are situations where the bits will cam-out when the torque is too low or too high. When the drive system cam’s-out too frequently it will affect how quickly or not the bit will wear. The design that has more contact points with the fastener distributes pressure more evenly, has more driving power due to the increased surface area, can handle more torque before camming out, will cam-out less, and consequently will wear down more slowly.

Let us take a look at a few screwdrivers bit sets.

Insert bit set: Fairly affordable, insert bits, though small, are ideal in applications where heavy use of screwdrivers is expected. If your drive system tends to wear bits down through frequent cam-out, this is a perfect choice.

Power bit sets: Power bits cost more, when compared to insert bits, but last longer. Every power bit comes with a power groove that is shaped to change adapters and chucks. If you need your power bit to last longer, go for bits that are manufactured from high quality wear-resistant materials.

Slot bit sets: Slot bits were one of the first screwdriver bits that existed. Slot bits have a shape that allows fasteners to turn easily. Another factor that makes slot bits easy to use is that there are fewer points of contact between the bit and the fastener. When there are fewer points of contact, the bits cam-out at very low torque.

Philips bit sets: The Phillips drive system is an improvement over the slot system in a number of ways. By increasing the bit’s contact area with fasteners, the cross design increases its overall grip and allows bits to engage fasteners in more positions. Philips bits can withstand more torque and prevents overtightening.

Square bit sets: Square bit sets have a reduced cam-out at high torque. These bits can easily be used with one hand and are self-cantering. You may have to take care to match the bit size exactly.

There are a number of screwdriver bit sets that are available with RS Components. Right from insert bit sets to power bits to slot bits and Phillips bits, we have a number of these tool kits available on our website. If you are looking for a screwdriver bit set, we have the right tool on our website to meet your budget and specific requirements. 

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