How to Become More Patient in Communication and Life

Point out the factors that often make you impatient

When you do nothing! Impatience comes on silently, and when you feel restless, anxious, or unhappy, you probably don’t even realize the underlying cause of these feelings is impatience. To reduce those times of impatience, you need to be aware of this.

What events, people, periods, or situations always seem to make you lose your cool? Journaling is another healthy way to “control” your emotions. This is a great place to release negative thoughts and feelings without hurting anyone. Sit down and write down a list of things that make you anxious, stressed, or angry. The crux of most problems is that we often have a hard time accepting reality. What is a reality for you?

Control anger, hurry

No one is perfect and everyone can make mistakes. Whether you lose patience, get angry, or blame others for their mistakes, neither you nor them can solve the problem. When you are angry, your mind is not alert, easy to rush will ruin things and lose opportunities. Angry people can’t control many actions and can make big mistakes. It is better to stop complaining and blaming others and prioritize together in the immediate future to find solutions to limit the consequences. of problems that may be caused.

You must restrain yourself, the solution at this time is to immediately find yourself a glass of cool water to “cool down” and to calm down. To calm yourself down by simple ways such as going for a walk, going to a comfortable place, eating some favorite food, playing stress-relieving games, or go shopping with discount codes and coupons during sale event, you will be calmer.

Don’t often let yourself be free

When you have too much free time, you often become bored and can be born impulsive, can always pay attention to something. First of all, what is an “ideal day” for you? In other words, fill in the following part of the sentence yourself: It would be great if today I… Each person will have a different “ideal day”. Some people feel it is great to start their day early, meditate, drink a cup of hot milk and then go for a walk before starting a hard working session. Others like to sit for a long time at a coffee shop, enjoy the taste of the morning, definitely have to prepare their lunch and “date” with close people, …

If at this time you easily lose patience. Just let yourself work and be creative in the meantime. That way, you won’t be looking at the clock as often and you won’t feel like time has passed in vain.

Realistic view

Even though you have a plan, things don’t always go as planned. Accept difficulties and twists in life skillfully. Set realistic expectations. This applies not only to the situation but also to the behavior of the people around.

If you get mad at someone because they accidentally don’t please you, it means that you are not accepting the fact that no one is perfect. Even if it didn’t happen just once, but many times due to negligence, losing your patience won’t make things better. It is something that should be handled with self-control and communication if possible.

Give yourself a break

In a busy life, don’t be so busy with work that you forget about yourself. Give yourself moments to rest. Stopping to eat food you like, watch a good movie, or read a favorite book will put you in a better mood, helping you to be more patient in your life.

Read and buy your favorite books. And don’t forget to be patient in hunting for discount codes and coupons when buying on holidays like Black Friday Sales, Cyber Monday Deals, Christmas Deals,… They will help you both save a lot of money and increase your patience. A double job, right?

Always look at life positively

There’s nothing wrong with being self-critical, but being pessimistic all the time will drag down other emotions that over time will add to your stress and depression. So you should acknowledge the reality, in return be remedial and optimistic in thinking “What did I do wrong? I need to change like that… Well, this isn’t as bad as I thought, I can do it better,…” Sometimes it’s the everyday problems that we face that make us forget that life is full of beautiful things.

A good, lucky thing happened to you? Thank you for that. In relationships with people, look at their good points, not just decry, criticize, lose patience with them. If something happens even if it’s against you, try to find the positive side of the problem… That’s what the optimist usually does. When your positive side appears, you will feel more comfortable, more patient, and more successful.


Emotions are important, valuable, and worthy of attention. The emotional part of us is very special. If we make our emotions go away, if we banish them, we will lose an important part of ourselves and our lives. Emotions bring us joy as well as sadness, fear, and anger. The emotional part inside knows how to laugh and cry. It is the center of giving and receiving the warmth of love. This is the part that helps us feel closer, more patient with others, and enjoy every subtle emotional touch.

We don’t have to let our emotions rule us. We don’t have to scream or move our feet out of anger or impatience. We don’t need to lie in bed all day just because we’re sad or depressed. Just because we’re afraid of failing doesn’t mean we don’t apply for the job. Responding properly to our emotions also means that we have taken responsibility for ourselves.

Practice through tests

Give yourself a surprise, or ask a friend to help you test your patience. After a process of practice, you will find your patience is greater. Patience will be shown in your daily tasks as well as in your behavior.

There are many ways to practice patience, as long as you feel comfortable. Slow down to feel the values ​​of life and practice the necessary virtues.


By learning patience, you will gain composure, the ability to behave elegantly, wisely in all daily tasks. The above are ways to help you be more patient in communication and daily life, wish you success.

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