How Much Money Does Fernanfloo Make?

If you’ve seen Fernanfloo’s YouTube videos, you know that the video creator is from El Salvador. Fernanfloo is Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado. He has a YouTube channel and a book called Curly Esta en Peligro. But how much money does Fernanfloo earn?

Luis Fernanfloo

Fernanfloo is a YouTube star from El Salvador. His videos are viewed by millions of people every day. He has a distinctive style and uses humor to create relatable situations for his audience. Fernanfloo’s videos are not only entertaining, but also educational.

After becoming famous on YouTube, Fernanfloo transitioned to Twitch to livestream games. He subsequently launched a second YouTube channel, titled “Fernan”, in May of that year. His first video was titled “My First Victory in Fortnite.” His channel received more than two million subscribers and a billion views. In addition to his Twitch channel, Fernanfloo has partnered with the gaming-centric brand TGN.

In 2011, Fernanfloo started his YouTube channel under the name Fernanfloo. He uploaded his first video – a parody of Star Wars – on May 1, 2011. In 2013, Fernanfloo’s channel reached more than 10 billion views. His channel has 600 videos and 43 million subscribers. His channel is the 41st most subscribed YouTube channel and the fourth most popular Spanish-language channel. It is also the most subscribed channel from El Salvador.

Fernanfloo’s popularity increased significantly over the past year. He became the fastest rising YouTube star in 2014, and was the sixth most popular channel by the end of 2017. In 2017, Fernanfloo became a force in the gaming world, launching an app aimed at mobile gamers called “The Fernanfloo Game”. This app has received more than 2.6 million downloads in the first week.

Fernanfloo has been successful since his first video. He began to collaborate with fellow YouTubers like Bambiel, and is now one of the most subscribed channels in El Salvador. His videos often have a lot of laughs and heartfelt sentiments. In February 2014, he released a rap video called “El Rap De Fernanfloo” and went viral. The video has more than ten million views and reached #2 on the trending section of YouTube.

Luis Fernanfloo started his YouTube channel on May 1, 2011. His first video was “Nightmare – Escena corta de accion.” Later, he posted gameplays of indie games like Super Mario Run and “Switch.” In 2013 he made a GTA V montage that quickly became popular. He continued to post gaming videos and sketches, collaborating with friends.

His YouTube channel

The first video on Fernan Floo’s YouTube channel was uploaded within four days. The video depicted dogs fighting as Jedis. Although his videos were humorous, they weren’t very popular, and he soon switched to gaming. His first game was Grand Theft Auto V, and his channel began to gain more attention. In fact, he was named the 6th most popular YouTuber between July and November 2017.

Since then, Fernanfloo hasn’t posted videos to his YouTube account. However, he’s been active on other social media sites. His Instagram account has 4.5 million followers. He has also released his own clothing line and backpack line, and released a graphic novel. He also announced the release of the graphic novel through a video. His popularity on YouTube and other online media have contributed to his net worth, which is believed to be $7 million.

In May of 2019, Fernanfloo started a second YouTube channel. The channel features clips of his Twitch streams. He has also worked with Capcom on their remake of the hit game Resident Evil. He even played a zombie in the official trailer for the game’s 1-Short demo. As of April 12, 2020, his channel was the 29th most subscribed channel worldwide. It was also the most subscribed YouTube channel in El Salvador.

Fernanfloo also has a Twitch channel where he livestreams Fortnite games. He has more than 2.3 million subscribers on his Twitch channel and has surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube. He’s also partnered with the BroadbandTV digital network’s gaming-centric brand TGN.

Fernanfloo is from San Salvador, El Salvador. His full name is Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado, and he has a younger brother named Diego. Although his life is relatively private, he’s made a living as a gamer and streamer. In 2011, he launched his YouTube channel and made his first video. The video was a parody of Star Wars.

Fernanfloo makes an estimated $50k a month from his YouTube channel. His net worth is steadily rising and he remains dedicated to his career. The Salvadoran YouTuber is the 42nd most subscribed YouTube channel overall and fourth most subscribed Spanish-speaking channel. His channel also has the largest audience in El Salvador, with more than five million subscribers.

His book Curly Esta En Peligro

Fernanfloo is a YouTube sensation with over four million views on some of his videos. His character is in a video game where he fights blue birds. He also has a flying dog named Curly. As a child, he loved to chase the flying dog, but now that he’s an adult, he needs to use all his valor to rescue Curly.

His net worth

Fernanfloo is a popular YouTuber who earns a lot from doing games. In May of 2016, he launched a YouTube channel and began streaming the game Fortnite. Soon after, the video went viral and Fernanfloo’s net worth skyrocketed. He also began creating content for both platforms.

He has several social media accounts and has been making millions of dollars through his game. He has even released his own line of backpacks and clothing. In addition, he has written a graphic novel. He also released a video that announced the release of the book. His popularity has helped him gain an estimated net worth of $7 million.

Fernanfloo is from El Salvador and was born in 1993. He currently earns between $50 and $600K per month from advertising revenue on his YouTube channel. He’s also still living in El Salvador, and has two brothers and a dog named Curly. His net worth is estimated at between $1 million and $5 million U.S. dollars. Currently, Fernanfloo’s YouTube channel has over 7 billion views and 36 million subscribers. It is the thirty-first most-subscribed YouTube channel overall and ranks as the top 5 Spanish-speaking channel.

Fernanfloo is 25 years old and has a massive fan base. He has over 4.7 million Instagram followers and 32 million YouTube subscribers. He also has a Twitch channel and 4.81 million followers on Twitter. His name is Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado and he was raised in San Salvador. Despite his unconventional background, he’s still extremely popular.

Fernanfloo is an online gamer from El Salvador. He has a huge audience of gamers on his Youtube channel. His videos often feature gaming and comedy. He won the “Diamond Plate” award from YouTube, which is awarded to YouTube influencers with at least 10 million subscribers. He has created numerous videos and has an application called Fernanfloo. This enables him to reach a global audience.

Fernanfloo started uploading gaming videos to YouTube in May 2011. He quickly gained popularity through these videos. In 2015, he collaborated with BBTV to create a mobile arcade game featuring a 2D version of himself. It went viral, gaining over 2.3 million downloads in its first week. It was also ranked number one in 17 countries within 24 hours. He has been nominated for several awards, including MTV Millennial Awards, Master Gamer, and BroadbandTV Digital Network.

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