Have you ever wanted to buy an engagement ring for your fiance and been fixated on the unduly expensive diamond rings? Don’t worry; everyone at some point in their lives wanted to own something made of diamonds. Whether it be dainty solitaire earrings to chunky engagement rings or a stunning diamond choker. 

However, diamond is costly owing to its purity and hardness. It is one of the most expensive stones globally and cannot be afforded by most people. However, moissanite solitaire ring come close to their appearance and help you give in to your fetishes. It is almost like buying a rip-off of your favorite designer bag. 

Most people cannot spend that kind of money and invest in these items to fulfill their wishes. Moissanite is also essentially colorless unless it is exposed under lighting. In that case, it exhibits prism-like rainbow coloring, which is also exceptionally marvelous.

 A French scientist known as Henri Moisin discovered moissanite, and later the stone was named after him. Despite their uncanny resemblance, Moissanite and diamonds look entirely different. Diamonds consist of carbon, and moissanite comprises pure silicon carbide, which is highly rare. 

Moissanite solitaire rings cost substantially lower than diamonds and still possess the same look. Diamonds are priced based on their cut, color, clarity, and carat, whereas Moissanite determines its weight. 


Unless one is a proficient expert, telling apart moissanite from diamonds is a tricky job. They look astonishingly similar and cost much less. It is more excellent value for money and looks splendid. Its color grading determines the price of moissanite rings. 

Grade D, E, and F are colorless. Grade G, H, and I are almost colorless, and Grade J and K have colorful tones. The more colorless moissanite stones are naturally more expensive due to their purer nature. Hence the early gradations will be more costly than the last ones. 

Cut grades also play a substantial part in ascertaining the price points. It is driven by polish and symmetry, which in turn impacts the light performance. The shape in which the stone is cut can be daily good, poor, nasty, very good, or excellent. The superior the stone’s quality, the more it will rate for cut grading.

The heaviness or lightness of a gemstone is measured in carat. It is another determinant in establishing the price. The cut will impact the weight of the stone, thereby affecting the final price. Buy a stone with more extensive measurements because they fall into the “outstanding category” with lesser depth and more spread. 

A larger stone has a higher carat weight, thereby giving it a more expensive look. Stones with AAA clarity are the most preferred choice because they are considered to be purer. They look beautiful and do not scatter many colors under light exposure. 

Having discussed the trivia that surrounds the pricing, let us delve into the final numbers. A 1-carat moissanite ring will cost around Rs. forty-five thousand whereas a three-carat ring will sum up to Rs. eighty-nine thousand. The heavier the carats, the more expensive the ring. The rationale for customers to select is buying a ring that radiates minimum color under different lighting.


Moissanite rings have gained momentum in the past few years because some young fetishists may or may not implement their dreams of owning diamonds. But that has not stopped them from donning a stone that bears a resemblance to

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