Guest Blogging- Acquiring Links in a Right Manner

Online marketing plays a vital role when it comes to promoting your business in the web world. As a business owner, you might not be aware of all the rules to follow and the right kind of strategies. In order to reach out to the desired audience, you have to ensure that the marketing is to be done in an effective manner. Many sites and businesses are fighting for that first position on major search engines such as Google. However, not all make it to reach there. It takes proper planning and implementation as to get results.

Guest blogging is one of the key aspects of online marketing. Basically, it is a process of acquiring links from quality websites. It may seem easy but it takes a lot research to get it done in an efficient way. 

What is guest blogging?

If you need to understand the concept of guest blogging, you need to view it as a deal of give and take. The admin of a blog or website, on which you want to place the link of your site, allows you to publish your content containing the anchor text ( you intend to promote on search engines) as well as the URL of the site/page( you want to promote). What will he get in return? Why would he allow anyone to post content and promote links? The answer is simple. He will get content on his site without any efforts. He might review it to ensure the quality and adherence to Google’s guidelines. This is one of the best ways to keep his blog updated. Alternatively, he will charge some money to give a link of his site depending on his payment policies and terms.

Types of guest blogging

Before you hire guest blogging services, it is imperative to understand which one suits your needs in the best possible manner. Moreover, when you discuss your requirements with any blogger or agency, you must understand what they are talking about. 

  1. Web 2.0

One of the most popular ways to increase the number of backlinks is to get them from web 2.0 sites. Most of them are free to post the content along with the URLs and anchors. It is easy to find the list of these sites online and create free accounts. However, hiring an agency would reduce your efforts and time because they have already complied the list of sites, which comply with Google’s guidelines. Using such platforms, you can create your own pages, post content, links, images and even comment on other posts. Many webmasters create these links to benefit from the free platforms.

  1. PBNs

They are called private blog networks and are used to place numerous links on other sites. Most of these sites are bought in auctions and built to sell the link building services. It is one way to trick the search engine rankings. The owners sell these links and offer the link building services to webmasters looking for improvement in their rankings. It cannot be ignored that Google may not be happy with such kinds of services. Still, these are widely used in the industry.

  1. Traffic and real blogs

Due to the strict guidelines of Google, it is highly important to use the quality sites, which have traffic from all the references. Mostly, these blogs and websites are designed for quality content rather than selling the links. Sometimes, the admin will allow the content to a few webmasters after carefully assessing link quality and content. Moreover, these sites have genuine traffic and visitors. If you get the links from these websites, your rankings will definitely improve as Google consider these ones as high quality and genuine sites.

By keeping in mind above mentioned factors, you can choose the right guest blogging to market your products and services and increase the brand visibility

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