Five Reasons to Visit London Before You Die

If you’re making your bucket list, perhaps a trip to London belongs on there. It may not have crossed your mind, in fact travel seldom does in creating a bucket list, but there are plenty of reasons to visit London while you can and while you’re able. London is a very historic city with thousands of years of history. That history is evident in the streets, and pubs, the taverns and the architecture, and of course the art. Still today, London is a financial and cultural capital of the world, and is home to over 9 million residents. 

With all of that going on, there are a plethora of reasons to visit London no matter your interests or your hobbies. It’s a city that truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in history, the arts, or simply having a good time out on the town, London could be the spot for your next vacation. 

The London Theatre Scene

When it comes to the arts in general, London is a very major hot-spot. They may be most well-known for their involvement in theatre and other live performances, though. London has a rich history when it comes to performance and is actually home to the world renowned Shakespeare Globe Theatre. The original was lost in a fire, but the modern Shakespeare Globe Theatre was constructed with the same design, an open roof and a 360 degree auditorium space. 

That isn’t the only world renowned theatre in London though, not by a long shot. Theatre is essentially synonymous with the city of London, it’s truly a core of the town itself. Year-round there is a wide selection of plays, musicals, and other live-performances for audience members to attend, no matter their genre of choice. 

If you’re going to be spending a few nights in London, there’s really no excuse not to see a show. Even if it’s your last day in town, you could make use of luggage storage in Liverpool Street and catch a matinee at a nearby playhouse. There’s sure to be one within walking distance. 

Full of History

Theatre and performance isn’t the only history London is home to, though. There is a vast and sprawling history attached to London. From mediaeval kings, queens, and knights, to the declaration of independence and the Revolutionary War, to both World War I and II, London has basically been through it all. If history is your game, London is a must-visit-city for you. 

The houses of Parliament, the crowned jewels, the Imperial War Museum, and so much more, all call London home. This city’s rich history is unlike any others and can be truly transportive, it can even help us gain a better understanding of what drives us in our own everyday lives and how that relates back to what’s come before us. Even if more recent history is more your passion, London is still making headlines in all sorts of ways today. 

From the birthplace of Harry Potter, to the impact of Brexit, London is still making modern history.

Awesome Pubs

Another thing London is well-known for is its many pubs. They’re great, active, and each one is just a little bit unique. The fish and chips is a classic staple at most English pubs, and washing it down with a pint of ale is of course highly suggested. 

Not only are the pubs a great place to meet some locals and get a good feel for the culture, they also carry some of their own unique histories. Ask the locals and the bartenders for the insider scoop on the history of the pub and you might be surprised at the tales you’re told. 

Striking Architecture

In the same vein as the pure historic relevance of London, the architecture is truly breathtaking. There are spots in London that are preserved old-world-buildings that feel like you’re walking back-in-time. However, there are also patches of much more modern buildings and construction sites. 

This blend of modern and old-world architecture gives London a personality all its own that is unlike any other city in the world. 

The Night Life

The pubs aren’t the only part of the London night life worth checking out. There is a whole party scene in London that doesn’t even start until around 2am. If you can manage to stay awake, and if you’re able to find your way into one of these, you’ll get a real Londoners party experience. 

Remember you’re still in a big city, and it’s important to keep your wits about you and to drink responsibly. Don’t put yourself in danger in pursuit of a good time!

Closing Thoughts on Visiting London

London is an amazing city full of historical sites, incredible museums, and unbelievable performances. If you’re thinking about where you want to travel, make sure to consider London as a top choice. 

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