Features of Xiaomi Phones

Everyone is always looking for a phone that has the best features in one, without buying different phones. This is where Xiaomi stands out from the rest of the crowd – they have achieved this by using their MIUI operating system.

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What do these features mean?

These unique features make Xiaomi phones stand out from their peers. The fact that they come with MIUI operating system, dual sim card slots, and infrared blaster makes it a one-stop phone for anyone looking to consolidate all their home appliances under one device, get one by visiting this site And with 256GB of extra memory space beyond their base model, there is no need to delete files at all.

The following are some features of a Xiaomi phone that makes it stand out from its peers:

1) MIUI Operating System

Xiaomi phones run on their own version of Android, MIUI. This OS gives the user more personalization with its widgets and themes. It can even support app cloning with enough memory, which means you can have two WhatsApp accounts running simultaneously. Best of all, it is free.

2) Dual SIM Card Slots

The dual sim card slots are a standard feature on Xiaomi phones. Apart from the normal use, this can be used for dual standby mode too. What’s more, you do not have to sacrifice one slot for another – the phone supports microSD cards of up to 256GB.

3) Infrared Blaster

A great number of Xiaomi phones come with an infrared blaster on their top right side. This allows you to control your TV and all your home appliances very conveniently with just the phone. You can even turn on or off any appliance that is connected via Wi-Fi. The only downside here is that you will need to reprogram all your remotes if you get a new phone.

4) Battery Capacity

All Xiaomi phones have very good battery capacity, making them last for days without charging again. Some of the cheaper models have power banks included, which means that even if your phone dies on you mid-day, all you need to do is charge it up at home and carry the extra power bank with you.

5) Dual Cameras With Optical Zoom

The dual camera lenses on most Xiaomi phones typically allow users to take detailed photos in regular and optical zoom modes. Furthermore, the cameras come with autofocus technology too. The built-in filters also allow you to edit your photos right after you have taken the picture.

6) 256GB Memory Support

Unlike most other brands, which only support up to 32GB of memory, Xiaomi phones usually have a microSD card slot that allows cards as large as 256GB. This means that you can watch as many movies as you want or take as many pictures as you want without needing to delete any files.

7) Aesthetically pleasing design

People upgrade their phones every couple of years because they want to get a new look, and aesthetically speaking, most modern Xiaomi phones tend to have a more classy design than previous generations.

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8) Screen-off gestures for performing phone tasks

People also tend to get bored with using their phones the same way after a while, and one feature that makes Xiaomi phones unique is that they allow you to perform simple tasks such as opening your favorite app by simply drawing an ‘O’ on the screen when it’s turned off. This works even if the screen has been turned off for hours.

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