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Event Planners: Why it’s Important to Maintain A Clean & Safety Workplace 

Event guests might not remember how great the speakers were or how good the food was at your event. They might also forget about the video cuts between the dynamics and the ice-breaking games. But they will remember if your event was a big mess. In addition to being with the attendees during the event, you must ensure the venue is well taken care of.

Even though we don’t talk about it much, one of the most critical logistics is a clean, safe venue. But sometimes, we forget about it because we think it’s already taken care of. Most of the time, cleaning services are included in the contract to rent a venue. You should always know about the cleaning agreement, but you shouldn’t depend on it alone.

That said, we’ve put together a list of maintenance tips for you to remember to help you further understand, as an event planner in Toronto, the importance of maintaining a clean and safe workplace during events. You wouldn’t want to reach a point where you need to seek confined space rescue or even a rat control in Toronto, right?

1. Always make sure the trash cans are empty

Full garbage cans not only look unpleasant but also makes it difficult for people to throw away their own garbage. 

Your guests will feel like you don’t care about them, and the whole event will be ruined. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure the cleaning service will help out on-site and take out the trash whenever needed.

2. Plan for any kind of emergency maintenance

Since anything can happen during an event, a simple clean-up done in one go after the event is not the best idea. It’s better if you keep a cleaning crew on hand during the whole event so they can act immediately should anything unexpected and unplanned happen.

Before the event, you can talk to them about maintenance emergencies and agree on the best ways to handle them. Also, you need to decide how you’ll tell the cleaning crew about emergencies so they know what to expect and how to deal with it.

3. Constantly clean the floors

The floors should always be spotless and dry. A cleaning team should be assigned to keep an eye on where people usually eat their lunches or take their coffee breaks.

The likelihood of spillage increases in these situations, which makes people more likely to get hurt, so the floors will need more maintenance every now and then during the event.

4. Always keep the bathrooms well-stocked

Ensuring the bathrooms have plenty of supplies is another essential part of maintaining a building. This is very important, especially if you are in charge of a big event. This will show your guests how responsible and thoughtful you are.

It can take a lot of work to keep an event space clean. Setting up cleaning standards and a clear plan will keep you out of trouble. Talk to the people cleaning up before the event and figure out how you will all work together.

Step by step, go through the whole process and figure out who is in charge of each area or cleaning parameter. And most importantly, decide how you’ll communicate with each other during the event to ensure that any emergencies will be handled well under your supervision.

When planning an event, you need to think about many health and safety issues, even more so if your event is outside or in a tent instead of a building. Better yet, consider seeking advice from a health and safety expert just to be sure.

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