Essential considerations for a varsity jacket

Varsity jackets are not only limited to school/colleges students only but they are a fashion trend now especially the black varsity jacket. People love to wear them as they look iconic and trendy. However, maintaining their quality and color is a tough color especially for the varsity jacket, it is technically and complicated to maintain its black color. But we are here to make your lives easier by telling you some tricks to maintain the quality and color of a varsity jacket. 

Extend the Life of Your Black Varsity Jacket 

You can increase the shelf life of your lettermen jacket by keeping it with great care. The biggest mistake or blunder that people make is that they wash their varsity jackets with hot water. They have a wrong perception that it won’t make a difference but it does. It deteriorates the color of the jacket with time and the color becomes dull due to which it does not look fresh. Also, not only it damages the color intensity but it also damages the quality of the jacket by damaging the leather of the jacket. So, it is recommended to wash the jacket with cold water or water at moderate temperature. 

The next big mistake that people make is that they dry the varsity jacket in the machine. Varsity jackets have intricate detailing and in addition to it, they are made of leather. That is why drying them in a machine should never be an option for you. Otherwise, you will damage its quality and color as well. You must be thinking that how I should dry my black varsity jacket? We recommend that stick to the simple rule which is that you should let your varsity jacket air-dry. Make sure that you don’t hang it to air-dry in direct sunlight. 

There is a great need to know that the lettermen jacket also needs more attention in terms of storage. You have to be conscious in terms of keeping it on a safe and dry place. A little moisture can lead to a big regret.

What you can do?In order to avoid any unpleasant incident, you must know all the essential points in terms of washing, cleaning, storage and wear. Keep the instructions before washing. Never use concentrated solution to wash your lettermen jacket as it may affect the quality of wool as well as leather. So, be careful.

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