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Drainpipe & Plumbing Maintenance

Most people don’t think of it, but drainpipe and plumbing maintenance is a crucial part of the urban life most people live. If these systems aren’t properly managed, they can cause some bit of uncomfortable living environments. You need a professional to help you with this task if it’s to be done well. Here are a few ideas on how drainpipe and plumbing maintenance should be done. 

Professional Plumbers Are on Call for Blocked Drains

A fully qualified and professional plumber can take care of all your drainpipe maintenance needs. They will spend the time to understand what the issue is, and they will make sure that it’s properly taken care of. You should always go with a trained professional who’s on call when clearing out blocked drains. They know how to identify the problem and fix it in one go. Not only that but a Sydney Blocked Drain Plumber has the right equipment on hand to fix any plumbing problem straight away. You are also unlikely to deal with the same problem in the near future once they’re done. 

Are Sydney’s Blocked Drains the Worst?

With more than 450,000 homes in Sydney and its suburbs, blocked drains are a common occurrence. Many homes have trees and plants which drop leaves, seeds, and twigs into the gutters of their houses. Thankfully, some simple maintenance will prevent most blockages before they occur. A licensed plumber should be able to identify your specific needs based on their knowledge of the type of plumbing system you have. 

1. Inspect your downpipes

Regularly inspecting your plumbing and downpipes can help you catch potential problems before they become major issues. Here are some things you should be looking for:

  • Rust, cracks, and leaks in downpipes. 

2. Clean Out Your Gutters and Downpipes

To keep your drains and gutters in tip-top shape, follow these steps:

  • If you have gutter guards, check that they’re clear and securely attached.
  • Remove all leaves and debris from your gutters. Long-reach tools with a rubber head are great for this job as they make it easy to collect all the muck. 
  • Unscrew the downpipe so you can remove it from its bracket and clean out any built-up dirt or waste that could be blocking your drain. 

3. Stop Leaves and Debris from Clogging the Drains

Gutter guards are a good long-term solution and will help with keeping most leaves, twigs, and other debris out of the gutters. They’ll also keep birds from building nests in the gutters or downpipes. It’s still necessary to clean the gutters and downpipes at least twice a year or more.

4. Listen for Gurgling or Strange Sounds

If you have a gurgling drain pipe or hear strange noises such as 

  • water draining, 
  • refilling, 
  • toilet flushing, 
  • washing machine draining, 
  • dishwasher draining, 
  • sink draining or the shower draining 

These are signs that your drainage system could be blocked.

Keep Your Drains Flowing Smoothly

When you have drainpipes, among other plumbing fittings, you need to ensure they work well. Maintaining these systems is the only way that’ll ensure everything flows smoothly. Here are some ideas of how you can maintain them and why it’s a good idea to let a plumber deal with some issues. 

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