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Creating Appealing Custom Backdrops for Event Marketing in a Post-COVID World – Key Considerations

In the post COVID world, marketers will have to come up with new strategies to get target customers’ attention. There’s still the need to have socially distant marketing events. That’s why creating highly appealing marketing posters, event banners, and custom backdrops are all very important steps.

In a recent survey, 89% of the world’s leading business leaders said that their companies would take a more human-centered approach to marketing. That’s why business leaders must create highly customized marketing materials for their events in 2021. Well-customized marketing materials can –

  • Personalize the event. Create unique and original backgrounds for your corporate events. Create eye-catching themes that fit well into the event concept.  
  • Increase brand awareness. High-quality backdrops can generate more referrals. Unique and classy backdrops at public events are guaranteed to attract the eyes of target customers.
  • High-quality backdrops made of polyester fabric can also be reused in multiple events. Unlike paper, muslin, or painted canvas backdrops, polyester backdrops are extremely durable.

So, how to create the dream backdrop for your marketing events? Here’s a guide.

Use Different Colors

Customize your backdrop with unique and eye-catching colors. The color themes you use in your backdrop, the company’s logo, banners, etc., impact customer behavior. They send subliminal messages to them. This is the science of ‘color psychology.’ 

Anyone customizing backdrops or any other marketing material should learn color psychology and understand how different color combinations send different types of subliminal emotions to the brain.

For example, the color red sends signals of excitement to a viewer’s brain. But, red backdrops are also more prone to sunlight damage. If you use a red backdrop for your outdoor events, it may pick up UV damage. 

Instead, use yellow for your backdrops and banners. This color reacts less to the sun’s UV rays. It also sends positive vibes to viewers.


Your backdrop should emanate professionalism and order. That’s why placing too many design elements or too much text on the backdrop can make it look very unappealing. Without proper spacing, any promotional material will look like a jumbled mess. 

Your target customers should be able to decipher the messages you’re trying to convey in the backdrop. More importantly, the backdrop or banner should be easily readable from 10 to 15 feet away. 

That’s why using the right amount of spaces in-between the different design elements on your backdrop or banner is highly important. 

An easily readable backdrop or banner represents uniformity and authority – two qualities you want people to associate with your company name!

Buy in Bulk

High-quality backdrops are now available at discount rates. Make the most of these deals by customizing a bunch and using them in different marketing events.

  • Create some all-purpose backdrops that are suitable for every business occasion.
  • Create special backdrops for sales conferences, networking events, etc.
  • Make sure all your backdrops are portable and easy to set up.

Use these strategies to create the most eye-catching backdrops and banners for your brand. In the post-COVID world, well-customized backdrops or banners are guaranteed to attract target customers!

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