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The legality of cannabis is changing in various countries. In the United States, the use of cannabis-derived products is legal in roughly 36 states for medicinal, recreational, or both uses. Across Europe, marijuana use is being both legalized and decriminalized. In countries like Canada, cannabis products are entirely legal for both medical and recreational use.

With the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis-derived products comes the rise of new or lesser-known products, such as; shatter or shatter bundles. With the availability of these products, you may find yourself asking if you can buy them online. The answer is yes!

What Is Shatter?

Shatter, or butane hash oil is a potent oil created through the use of butane. Butane is used as a solvent to remove all terpenes and cannabinoids from the substance. The result is an incredibly potent oil with enhanced psychological effects. These effects are due to the raised levels of THC found in BHO, or butane hash oil.

BHO exists in a solid form that is translucent and amber in color. Shatter earns its name through appearance. The glass-like appearance of BHO leaves the impression that it could shatter. Individuals that use shatter typically apply the oil to a hot surface and inhale the resulting vapors. However, it can also be inhaled through the use of a vaporizer pen.

Benefits of Purchasing Shatter Online

When you want to buy shatter in Canada online rather than in-store offers you a few unique benefits. To start, there are countless options. An online marketplace allows you to easily compare multiple retailers concerning price, weight, and manufacturers. All of the information you need can be found with a few clicks of the keyboard.

Another benefit of purchasing shatter online is the convenience. You do not have to go anywhere. When shopping online, you can sit in the comfort of your own home and select the product you want. You do not need to worry about who you may run into or even bother getting dressed.

The final benefit of purchasing shatter online is that you can typically buy in bulk. Brick and mortar retailers generally have a limit as to how much product you can purchase in one visit. This is often due to the limited quality they have available for sale. When purchasing shatter online in Canada, you can purchase bulk size quantities at a lower price point.

The consequence of Purchasing Shatter Online

When purchasing any product online, it is vital that you review the manufacturer and product information. Shopping with credible online retailers ensures that you receive the product you are expecting. Pay attention to the listed weight, potency, and label.

Paying careful attention to the product label can provide you with information pertaining to the product’s ingredients, manufacturer, and directions for use. Reading the label before using any cannabis-derived product enhances your safety and experience with the product.

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