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Bright Side is a YouTube channel that offers trivia, history, and knowledge videos. It is run by media publisher TheSoul Publishing. The channel’s mission is to help its viewers become a more informed person. It has over three million subscribers and offers a wide variety of videos. There are even videos that deal with financial matters, psychiatric care, and more.

Psychiatric services

Brightside provides therapy for individuals suffering from depression and anxiety, and their licensed clinicians use evidence-based treatments. These professionals include psychiatrists, therapists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners. Each has many years of experience and a current license in the state of practice. Patients can choose to work with one therapist or a group of therapists.

Brightside offers therapy via a web platform for those over the age of 18. The service is offered in all 50 states, and the program uses cognitive behavioral therapy. The program is proven effective, and a recent study found that 85 percent of members felt better after 12 weeks of therapy. The researchers attribute the improved outcomes to the program’s multi-approach approach.

Brightside’s mission is to offer patients access to world-class psychiatric services. This includes treatment for depression and anxiety, as well as ongoing support for a person’s treatment. The program’s doctors are industry experts in treating depression and anxiety. They use science-based prescribing methods and over 100 different data points to find the best medication for their patients. Brightside physicians also work with patients to develop skills and self-care to help them cope with their symptoms.

Financial care

Brightside is a company that is revolutionizing the way employers offer financial care to employees. Their platform combines a personal financial assistant with a unique partner platform to give employees real solutions to their financial challenges. Their services have helped thousands of families save over $1,200 each year and have helped employers reduce healthcare costs while improving productivity and retention.

Financial stress affects millions of working Americans and costs employers nearly $4K a year. In addition, financial stress lowers employee productivity, drives healthcare costs and threatens diversity and inclusion goals. As a result, Brightside offers its clients a comprehensive financial care solution, which bridges the gap between the traditional CPA and the everyday money manager.

Claims of content farming

Bright Side has been accused of content farming for the number of videos it posts compared to the quality of the information contained in those videos. Many videos are long and include quips and comments that do little to promote the topic, and sometimes the information is misleading. Furthermore, Bright Side never gives credit for where the information originated from.

Bright Side is also known for its proponents of pseudoscience and pseudohistory. Its videos feature titles like “Titanic Survivor Says Iceberg Didn’t Destroy the Ship,” “What Your Hand Shape Says About Your Personality,” and “12 Signs of High Intelligence That You Probably Have.” The channel has more than 1 million subscribers and 186 million views per month.

The New York Times published an editorial recently about content farms. It claims that content farms cheapen the quality of online content by hiring a large number of freelance writers to create a large volume of content on the cheap. Its content is often nonsensical or irrelevant, and its primary purpose is to satisfy the algorithms of search engines. Unlike real content, the content on content farms is not intended to educate or show good writing. Rather, it is meant to generate more eyeballs for advertisers, resulting in higher traffic and higher click-through rates.


Bright Side is a popular YouTube channel. The channel has a large following and posts videos about a variety of topics, such as conspiracy theories, science, trivia, and tips. The site has gained millions of subscribers and has 186 million monthly views. It is ranked 48th on YouTube.

Misinformation spread by Brightside

The YouTube channel Bright Side has received a lot of criticism for spreading false information. Many people blame the site for using trickery to drag out videos and insert unnecessary quips and comments. While Bright Side is considered a kid-friendly channel, its videos often have a dark theme and are not suitable for young viewers.

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