Batteries For Your Garage Remote: When to Replace?

Garages have functional benefits to your property, add value and protect your biggest investment. With that said, garages that are remote-operable are the go-to choice for many property owners. However, maintaining your garage, having old doors replaced occasionally and caring for the garage remote are some necessary things to do. Sometimes you might face the problem of your garage door not responding or responding late. Having a garage remote that has an underlying problem can affect the functionality of your garage. Most often, you will have to check the garage remote battery so that you can quickly fix related issues or replace the battery.

What batteries does your garage door remote contain?

When you have a garage door with installed sensors and a garage door opener, you might likely have to deal with transmitter batteries. Your garage door remote might contain a set of transmitter batteries, which, when dead, will not enable the operation and send a signal to the sensor to open or close. Some garage openers may contain two sets of batteries. They can be either lithium or an alkaline battery. Replacing the batteries when they are dead is highly essential to keep your garage door working. But sometimes, there isn’t a stipulated duration for replacement as it varies with the usage rate and the quality of the battery. 

When should you replace the remote batteries?

Here is a list of signals that indicate it is high time you change your garage opener’s battery:

1. Occasional responds

As already said, the garage door opener will be connected to the sensor on the door, and the remote is the only way you can get the door to open and close. However, a remote with a dead or defective battery might receive disrupted responses. In simple words, when you press your remote for the door to open, the action is occasional. It seems like the remote functions inconsistently- sometimes the operation processes and, sometimes, it does not. In such cases, the transmitting signal is getting disrupted due to dying batteries on your opener.

2. The manual system is spot on

Most garage doors come with an additional manual operating system along with a garage door opener. Sometimes, your garage door might be dysfunctional, and you will have to replace the door and not the garage remote battery. Distinguishing these two scenarios can turn arduous sometimes and, you will only realise that the fault is with the door after purchasing a new battery.

So, when you encounter your garage door being unresponsive or getting stuck amidst a command, try using the wall mount system to check if it works. If the wall mount system works without any hassle, it points towards a transmitting signal weakening due to dead remote batteries.

3. Late or no responses

When you have your garage door responding late to your remote command, it is also a sign that your garage remote battery is almost dead. Sometimes, you might also have your operation stuck. For instance, you might have pressed open on your remote, and the door just responded by opening, but it stopped abruptly, so now the door is only half-open. In such scenarios, you will have to go for a quick replacement. In the later stages, when the garage sensors do not respond to your remote operation at all, the battery is completely dead and requires an immediate replacement. 

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