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Are You Living Your Life on Purpose? Yes or No

Just returned from Colorado, where I spent a week relaxing and re-energizing while revisiting key values in my own life. Peaceful Valley Lodge is where I stayed. It also has a chapel. Over the years, I have been to Peaceful Valley many times and visited this chapel several times. It is located at the top of a steep, ten minute hike. This has become a routine for me. The Rocky Mountain range is visible from the summit.

One morning, I was too fast for the terrain and in a hurry on my way down. I nearly fell. There were many rocks around, so it was easy for me to slip on a weak one.

I slowed down and took a deep inhale before putting my foot down on the next rock. I quickly accelerated and then had to slow down again.

This took me a while to master. It turned out to be a wonderful, meditative and centering practice. One rock at time — that was all I could think about. The sound of the wind, chattering birds and squirrels, as well as the light from the morning sun on the golden Aspens, made me more aware of everything.

I thought, I could do it more often. Now, be here. Feel my foot on the rock. As I drive, feel the steering wheel. Instead of focusing on the destination Motivational Quotes, be at the stoplight. Hear the birds outside of my office window.

Multi-tasking seems to be overrated, I think. It is difficult to be present at all times in one place.

Are you aware of the moment? Do you feel like life is speeding up? Are you losing sight of the important things? Now, take a deep breath and slow down. On the inhale count to 5, and again on the exhale count 5. Take your time. You are alive now, not yesterday or tomorrow. Now.

Many spiritual disciplines provide a framework that helps followers to define their purpose in life. Spiritual leaders offer guidance and comfort to followers, as well as their insight into the purpose of a higher power. Others believe that living is about being pure in thought and deed. Others believe that life should be lived and enjoyed. Some say life is suffering and that our purpose in life is to let go of our egos, and become one with the cosmos. Others believe that life should be about serving others. No matter what spiritual or philosophical tradition you have, it is of profound psychological benefit to clearly define your purpose.

Why is purpose so important Our lives are shaped by our purpose. We are nothing without a purpose. Without it, our lives will be a blurred mess of goals and non-goals, actions and non-actions that wander through time and space. The purpose of our lives is the master plan. Knowing our purpose helps us define our goals. This helps us to avoid getting lost in the details of our daily lives and keeps our eyes fixed on the goal. It can make your life easier and more enjoyable. It is not something others can choose for you; it is something you must choose. It is a result of examining what we are most passionate about. It is important not to worry about how we will achieve our purpose in life when we have defined it. Once we commit to our goals, all the possibilities and means to achieve them will start to appear. They are often already present in our lives but we might not have noticed because we weren’t paying attention. Focusing on our purpose can help us stay focused.

Some people live with purpose, while others just react to the world around them.

You don’t have a “life purpose”, but you can do something. What you do is a reflection of your life purpose. A life purpose is what guides your decisions and determines the direction of your future. It is your unique GPS. It is your compelling reason to be authentically you.

Every person has a purpose in their life. Let’s take a look at what your purpose is. Here are some examples of life purpose, what it isn’t and how to live your unique purpose.

It doesn’t matter if your purpose is simple and secure, or grandiose yet daring. My purpose is to bring hope and healing to the entire world. This is the foundation of all my actions, goals, and intentions. What is your purpose? It’s important to know your purpose if you don’t already.

“Centering is the art and science of being fully alive. Things change dramatically when the art of centering practiced.

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