All you need to know about Mauritius 

You must have heard of Mauritius, the island country as the perfect destination for a vacation. Enriched with beautiful beaches, reefs, and lagoons. With vistas of glistening sandy beaches, the pleasing calm of diverse flora and fauna, and ocean life. On this delightful island, you’ll find a little bit of everything, from a wilderness getaway to exciting water sports, from peaceful beaches to distinct cultures and customs. The little island has got it all from the joys of the outdoors to luxurious spas, resorts, and hotels to make your trip serene. If you are still reading, you sure are interested in holidaying with Mauritius tour packages. We’ll tell you the basic and essential information you should have for a successful, memorable, and fun trip there. 

Best places to explore

Chamarel Coloured Earth 

One of the country’s most popular attractions is this natural beauty also known as the Seven Colored Earth is made up of dunes that are in a variety of colors, like red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple, and yellow. It is a fascinating glimpse at millions of years of history. While it’s a little area that can be covered quickly, it’s well worth the trek.

Ile Aux Cerfs 

Isle aux Cerfs is a beautiful island on Mauritius’ east coast spread out across 87 hectares of untouched land. It is easy to reach here with boat transfers every 20 minutes. The island offers a variety of experiences from beach eateries, an adventure park, a variety of water sports, and an 18-hole golf course can all be found there. The coral reef is magnificent and full of marine life, and it’s a perfect site to snorkel and appreciate the rich undersea environment thanks to the enormous black boulders that protrude into the water. There are several restaurants to please every palate, and you should explore some of the local dishes.

Black River Gorges National Park 

Mauritius’ Black River Gorges National Park is the island’s largest protected forest. Whether you want a strenuous climb to the highest peak or a quieter walk in the forest, it’s a fantastic trekking opportunity. This natural reserve has over 50 kilometers of routes where you may hike and learn about the island’s rich and diverse flora and wildlife. Over 300 types of blooming plants and 9 species of birds unique to Mauritius live in the magnificent, untamed stretch of dense forest, including the celebrated pink pigeon, which is making a slow but steady recovery from the verge of extinction.

Trou Aux Cerfs is a dormant volcano that now has been transformed into a massive crater with a crater lake. It is a unique volcanic site surrounded by beautiful lush forest with indigenous plant species and some giant green pine trees. The weather here is pleasantly cold and is comforting amidst the beauty of the forest and the majestic volcano. The site overlooks the small tiny town of Curepipe and offers stunning views of nature, including the majestic Rempart Mountain, Trois Mamelles, and the Moka mountain range.

Best things to do 

Visit Port Louis 

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius and the largest city of the island. It is a melting pot of cultures with streaks of India, Africa, Europe, China, and the Middle East. The bustling city offers numerous days of fun outings. You can try local street food at ‘Central market’, admire the street art and get fun pictures with it. Central Market is the perfect place to shop for souvenirs to take back with the help of Mauritius Travel Guide

Try street food 

Food is the heart of every vacation. The street food of Mauritius is a riot of flavors. The food here is influenced by Indian, French, Creole, African, and Chinese cuisine.

Some of the dishes must try are; 

Dholl Puri – It is a simple dish but satisfies the soul. A deep-fried flatbread stuffed with lentils served with chutney.

Boulettes – They are Chinese dumplings served with broth. It is comfort food to the locals. You’ll get the best Boulettes in Chinatown

Gateaux Piment – They are the best finger food to enjoy as you walk in the colorful alleys of Mauritius or a snack with the Mauritian Vanilla tea.

Salad Confit – It is unlike any salad you’ve had as it is topped with sweet, savory, sour, and spicy condiments. You can find vendors all around Mauritius selling these. They are a perfect snack in the summers.

Haleem – It is a hearty stew usually relished in the winter but is available all year long.

Relish Mauritius Rum 

If you love rum this place is a paradise for you. The Rum from Mauritius is probably the best souvenir to bring for your loved ones. Every home, and almost every restaurant, has its rum blend so wherever you go in Mauritius there’s a unique blend of rum waiting for you. Take back bottles of popular vanilla rum and coffee rum, both make an excellent cocktail and hot chocolate bases. Even after months and years after your trip from the island the Mauritian rum will bring back soothing memories.

Scuba Dive in Blue Bay Marine Park 

The marine park has a gorgeous coral garden with hundreds of different types of corals and diverse fauna. The park also provides great diving conditions, with diverse biodiversity and calm, shallow seawater for snorkeling. Glass-bottom boat rides are a fun way to explore the Park. You get to witness nearly 38 species of coral, more than 72 species of tropical fish, and the beautiful sea turtles.

Enjoy Mauritius Spa

Mauritius is not just sandy beaches, resorts, and activities. It also offers the best spa experiences to unwind and soothe your nerves. You get a lot of options to choose from the local spa retreats to big international names and also the type of spa-like Ayurvedic massages, ocean-inspired treatments, and African and Creole medicines derived from local plants and flowers. Chinese massages and treatments and Algotherapy are all available.

Best time to visit Mauritius 

Mauritius has tropical weather and beach weather all year round; winters are, however, the greatest time to visit. Mauritius’ winter season begins in May. It is the best time to enjoy a variety of activities such as watersports such as surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sparkling sandy beaches, and wildlife. Make sure to carry sunscreen. 

The summer months start in January and the temperatures can go up to 33 degrees Celsius. Still vacationing during the summer has its perks like there being fewer tourists. Thus giving you a much more private experience. Apart from the weather, the best time to visit Mauritius would be according to the activities you want to do and events to be a part of. The island has a beautiful celebration during Holi, Diwali, and Shivratri and the fish festival in March. You can also take part in surfing, and hiking if you are planning for a winter getaway.


Mauritius is a small island country with a lot to offer visitors on vacation. From sandy beaches to turquoise oceans, gourmet cuisine, street food, and a plethora of adventure and relaxation activities, there is something for everyone. One visit to this lovely country is undoubtedly not enough to fully appreciate everything it has to offer. The country has pleasant weather all year; it is an excellent choice because there is no need to visit at a specific time. It’s a relaxing vacation option with activities and sightseeing options for people of all ages. Paradise Island awaits your visit!

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