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Education has for the times unknown been associated with engrossing classroom teaching where a teacher stands in front of the students and executes the learning process. As history tells, India has been an ardent supporter of the Gurukul system of teaching. With changes in societal norms, living standards, and thought processes, our educational system underwent a lot of transformation but the core principle of Gurukul teaching remained intact. 

Classrooms serve as the base of the teaching environment anywhere in the world. However, with technology development things began to change for good and online learning entered the education sector with a boom. The solution made an attempt to change the traditional teaching-learning environment by making education more accessible, feasible, and interactive for the learners. During COVID-19, online teaching platforms became the best resort for teachers as it allowed them to hold classes and examinations from their homes. 

In online learning, students use the best app for online classes to connect with their teachers through the web at the comfort of their homes. Teachers give lectures, conduct quizzes, give assignments, and do everything that was previously done in a classroom but in an online interface or what we call a virtual classroom. Today, we can find plenty of platforms that offer well-structured courses on a variety of subjects for students of all classes. Students can interact with their teachers, ask questions, clear doubts, and take part in live Q&A sessions. Teachers can give assignments, manage attendance, conduct polls, and clear doubts of students simultaneously without any hassle. 

Just like any other industry, the e-learning space is witnessing new developments every now and then. Special upgrades are being introduced as teaching aids to make these portals more student-friendly and easier to operate. The list given below are some of the most promising developments in e-learning portals that are likely to expand the industry in future.

Latest Features in Online Teaching Platforms 

  • Take virtual trips

Are you bored listening to the lectures in your virtual classroom? Well, here is a perfect solution to kill this boredom and learn new things. With online teaching portals, students can enjoy virtual field trips to exciting destinations like the Moon, a museum, a pyramid, etc. One can also zoom into the inside of a small cell to see everything more precisely and explore the untrodden lands. The virtual experience gives a real-like feel to the learners making their teaching experience more enjoyable. 

  • Dedicated Lesson Plans

The job of a teacher is undoubtedly quite challenging. They not just have to teach but also have to prepare lesson plans before entering the classroom for better teaching. This consumes a lot of energy. However, with online teaching programs, teachers can find plenty of well-structured lesson plans for them. These plans are designed by experts and help to enrich the learning process and can be easily downloaded by the teachers when required. 

  • Pool of resources

The Internet is a pool of information. With online learning portals, students as well as teachers can find easy access to such informative resources in a simple click. The materials can be stored, saved, and shared between students and teachers across the platform. Teachers can choose the content. Also, students and teachers can access the data from external sources as well through add-ons or plug-ins. 

  • Create curiosity

Using the various kinds of tools and resources available on e-learning platforms, teachers can create curiosity amongst students towards learning. The use of Artificial Intelligence helps them to learn through interactive and engaging content and fun activities available there. Solving puzzles, engaging in learning games, and learning by doing experience helps students to come closer to their education system. 

  • Speedy response

One of the best features of online teaching is its quick responsiveness. Students can log in at any time of the day and start learning. They are quick, seamless, and very convenient in terms of problem solving too. Learners leave their queries and the team resolve their issues quickly. 

  • Social forums

In online learning platforms, one can find well-designed peer forums or student-centered interaction fields that allow students to chat amongst themselves. They can connect with their classmates to ask some queries or start discussions about assignments, or seek help from each other as and when required by them. 

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