A Guide to Problems of Scoliosis and Its Treatments

Like every vertebrate, humans also depend on the backbone heavily. The spines allow humans to walk upright. Unlike other bones, the spine consists of small bone structures called vertebras. For reasons including birth deficiencies, the vertebras can get misaligned. This misalignment leads to the abnormal curvature of the spine, and this state of spin is known as scoliosis. The treatment for scoliosis was not very well developed in the past. But many experts in Melbourne and other cities now provide treatments, including non-surgical methods. Scoliosis treatment in Melbourne is now famous due to the non-surgical procedures. 

It is estimated that 1 in 15 girls in Australia suffers from mild or severe scoliosis. Scoliosis is not only common in girls, but it is also present in boys. But many girls form this problem at the start of their menstruation. Scoliosis in many of these persons will get eliminated as they get older. But severe cases can lead to many problems. So, identifying and treating scoliosis at the right time is necessary. 

Difficulties Due to Scoliosis

Minor scoliosis may not cause many problems in persons. But in some cases, scoliosis can develop some difficulties in people. Some of the most common issues are,

  • Acute pain: Scoliosis can create severe pain in several persons. The pain may relieve over time in many people. But in others, the pain will get severe occasionally. This pain can cause problems in people, and it will get difficult to work or stand for long.
  • Bad posture: Due to the abnormal curving of the backbone, the person can not keep their natural posture. One shoulder will stay higher than the other shoulder. Also, in severe cases, the person bends forward to relieve the pressure in the spine. All these problems will make it hard to maintain a good posture.
  • Breathing problems: The bending of the spine will restrict the diaphragm and lungs from expanding. It will cause abnormal breathing in the person. It will limit the person from taking enough oxygen. 
  • Congestion of the nerve: Most of the nerves from the brain to different body parts run through the spine. As the spine is curved due to scoliosis, the nerves in the spine will get congested. And proper communication between the brain and body parts will not occur. This condition will cause pain and numbness in those parts.

Treatments for Scoliosis

In the past, the treatment for scoliosis was limited. But the modern studies on scoliosis developed many modern treating methods. Now, Melbourne itself has various treatment centres that provide non-surgical treatments. Due to this, the scoliosis treatment in Melbourne is now famous all over Australia. Many people with severe scoliosis are now visiting Melbourne for non-surgical therapies. In Melbourne, non-surgical methods like bracing are available, and the clinics use modern technologies like 3D scanning for making the right braces.

  • Bracing: Bracing is a non-surgical method of treating scoliosis. There are several specially made braces available in Melbourne. The clinics in Melbourne use state of the heart 3D technology to scan the overall body shape. Using these data, the experts in the bracing method will design specific braces. These braces will restrict the misaligned movement of the body. It helps the person to regain the posture slowly. The mounts may tighten or redesign as per the recovery.
  • Surgery: In the case of severe scoliosis, surgery is the most suitable method available. There are several surgical methods available in Melbourne. Spinal fusion surgery is one of the most famous surgical procedures, and it uses metal rods to realign the spine. Commonly two types of spinal fusion surgery are done in Melbourne. They are posterior fusion and anterior fusion.

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