8 Tools to Edit Amazon Video Ads

You need Amazon video ads to amplify your eCommerce business. This eye-catching content can do wonders for building brand awareness, driving website traffic, getting more clicks, generating leads, and boosting sales. However, you may feel afraid to create high-quality video ads if you have no experience. Lucky for you, there’s this tool from Promo.com. This video maker makes it easy to produce stunning videos even if you’re a total “noob!” Even kids can use this super-friendly digital solution. 

Today, it’s a lot easier to create scroll-stopping video ads to wow Amazon shoppers. Thanks to digital editing tools, you remove the barriers to creating whatever you need to sell your products. Of course, the best ads can only be curated with the best video maker. In this article, you can see the most popular tools to edit Amazon video ads. They provide an easy and affordable way to engage shoppers so they’ll peruse your products and buy them. Remember, ads are no longer optional but a necessity for growing your business. Let’s get started. 

  • Promo.com

A lot of happy users love Promo.com because it lives up to its name by making it easy for anyone to produce promotional ads. You can create professional-looking Amazon video ads in a matter of minutes by using pre-designed templates which you can customise to suit your needs. On top of that, this video maker has easy-to-use features which allow you to add the following: 

  • Effects
  • Transitions
  • Filters
  • Fonts
  • Animation
  • Audio

Best of all, you get access to copyright-free music, footage, and photos. You can use them to create a personalised video ad. With a click of your mouse, you can upload your brand’s logo, signature colours, and text. From there, you can upload the final clip and go live or even post directly to any social media calendar. It has free basic access with no watermarks and affordable tiered upgrades if you want more premium features. Best of all, it also comes with a free social media calendar, a collage maker, and an image resizer. What’s not to love?  

  • InVideo

If you need studio-worthy Amazon ads, InVideo works well because it’s powered by AI. It has an automated text-to-speech tech. However, it’s not as fun and as engaging as the top choice but possesses a more corporate vibe to it. But you will love their gargantuan template library, which you can fully customise to create compelling ads. Moreover, this tool gives you access to animation, images, and music.

All these features undoubtedly make your Amazon ads more enticing and engaging. You also have access to 24/7 live chat support or via phone. Therefore, if you encounter any issues, help is just a few seconds away. 

  • Biteable

Another top pick for editing Amazon videos is Biteable because it’s also very easy to use. It offers stock images and footage so you can get quality finished products. Check out the following features: 

  • Unlimited video exports
  • Access to animation 
  • Get access for many team members with the Ultimate plan
  • Commercial use rights and HD 1080p resolution on Plus and Ultimate Plan

The only con here is their supposedly free plan comes with a Biteable watermark which can confuse your branding. If you want to get rid of their logo, you have to upgrade to a paid plan. 


If you want a video maker with an easy drag-and-drop interface, Wave.video is there for you. This tool comes with an extensive library of free music, videos, and images to fill in content gaps for your Amazon ad. Plus it allows you to do the following: 

  • Change layouts
  • Auto-resizing and manual resize for pics and clips
  • Add watermarks
  • Include graphics
  • Create captions

However, they have a limited template design and fonts package. But whatever’s available should be enough to create stunning video ads. 

  • Typito

Another drag-and-drop video maker with a forever-free plan is Typito. You’ll love this if you have a limited ads budget. It does what all the other tools can do plus it can create a branded banner for your Amazon ads. This will certainly catch the eyes of your customers as it conveys your message effectively. 

Moreover, you can resize your videos with a mere click of the mouse into seven different variants. Unlike other editors that won’t let you remove watermarks unless your purchase a plan, Typito allows you to do so for $5 per video. 

  • Filmora

When you have limited tech skills, Filmora shall be your best friend. This video maker possesses amazing features that make your Amazon ads look as if they’re made by a pro. You can use it to add visual effects, filters, and overlays. You can also do the following: 

  • Use green-screen effect
  • Do fast processing speeds
  • Utilise intuitive object tracking
  • Split-screen feature
  • Colour correction for images and clips
  • Create personalised animations with keyframing
  • Magisto

Magisto boasts of helping you create your own magic story, hence its name. Like other tools noted above, this provides access to templates and lets you add music, fonts, and effects. However, the caveat is you can only use 10 clips and pics per video plus it has limited social sharing. 

On top of that, the price since it can be rather expensive. Moreover, their free access imposes a Magisto watermark on your output so it can be distracting and confusing for your Amazon viewers. 


Another tool to help you create attractive Amazon video ads is Animoto. You can create videos in a breeze even without experience because of its easy user interface. Moreover, you get access to several templates. 

However, you’re limited when it comes to text placement on videos, and sometimes, placement options don’t work with your pics and clips. This video maker also offers less creative fonts compared to the others plus the free version comes with a giant Animoto watermark.  

Final Words

Your Amazon video ads must stand out if you want to surpass your competition. Thus, you must pay attention to the video content and quality of each ad. The video maker you select can help with this. So choose wisely so you can convey your message and spread brand awareness effectively. 

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