Did you notice Alicia’s new hairstyle that she got in Turkey? 

Did you know that Mark impressively asked his girlfriend to marry him beneath the Eiffel Tower? 

Don’t be perplexed. 

These are only the random questions and discussions that we encounter each day. 

Countries and continents are now closer together than ever before. 

You guessed it right.

Social media is the most powerful medium that connects people. When individuals can know about every minor detail worldwide, why not let people know about your business? And as they say, you must take the first step to make the firmest of mountains move.

We get what you’re thinking. 

It is challenging to market your plumbing business. The industry has ingrained a face-to-face marketing strategy. However, no other medium can help you get home service leads like social media. 

Having a solid social media presence is essential to expanding your plumbing business. 

Why do we say that? 

Research shows that 54% of social users use social media platforms to browse products and services before purchasing.

Here are six ways you can leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others: 


It starts with creating a business profile. So, make sure to have a presence on the social media platforms where you’ll find your target audience the most. 

Pro tip: When setting up an account, enter the correct details. Since your username will eventually serve as your identity on social media, you must choose something professional and imaginative. 

Keep it consistent across all social media platforms to help people recognize you and get to know you better. 

Your bio says a lot. Make sure to be precise and clear about what you offer. However, don’t forget to be unique and attractive with your words.


The key to reaching more people is posting consistently but doing so wisely. Social media’s language of communication is via public posts. Therefore, your posts should ideally be informative, appealing, and entertaining. But sticking to a consistent social media posting schedule is crucial. 

Posting too frequently may become exhausting, while posting rarely could give your followers the impression that your business is dead. Each social media network needs a distinct type of post since they all have different functions.

Several social media sites allow you to schedule postings. Let your social media work for itself so you can generate plumbing seo leads while managing your business operations seamlessly. 


Do you love waffles? 

If you do, then you might know what it resembles. 

Hashtags are the waffles of social media that can add to the charm of your regular posting. When people look for particular topics or hobbies, hashtags make it simpler for them to find content. Hashtags also ensure that your postings are pertinent to the current trends in your sector. 

Plumber Internet marketing is now a matter of your content and the correct use of hashtags. 


Who doesn’t love a contest which implies a prize?

It’s one of the reasons quizzes, polls, and contests have become the new rage, especially on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Quizzes and contests are the newest approaches to involving your audience. You may formulate easy questions/answers, tests, and giveaways on your social media accounts. As a result, people are more inclined to participate in these activities, and you can have the opportunity to market yourself uniquely.


“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” 

~Andrew Davis

Content is the heart of your marketing. Whether captions or informational writing pieces, you must create words that spike interest, are engaging, and are worth a read. It is the right way to connect with the audience and make them curious enough to keep coming back. 

Make sure your social media posts read more like a gripping thriller than dull monologues.


Interacting with potential customers online requires much more than simply answering comments on your posts. It also entails taking part in group discussions. For instance, you can join groups related to the home services sector or plumbing on Facebook.

Every social media has different communities you can join to easily connect with your target audience. 


Social media is the new ruler of the digital kingdom. From Instagram to Facebook, a strong social media presence is vital to achieving your long-held dreams. 

Have a grip on each tip and rule the world of social media within your fingertips. 

The secret is to start by mastering the art of using all social media networks. Afterward, select the platforms that best fit your company and the content you want to share, along with your existing corporate goals.

Knowing all the details can help you grow your plumbing business the way you envisioned.  

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