5 Signs You need Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Whether or not your car is for personal use, you need to have specific auto insurance coverage for your car to be deemed fit for the road. When it is strictly for personal use, you must have compulsory third-party insurance cover. With this coverage, you are guaranteed that in case of an accident and you are at fault, your auto insurance company covers compensation claims made against you by the other party. However, there are some things that you may find necessary but are not covered by compulsory third-party insurance. In this case, it would be best to opt for better auto insurance coverage which may be a comprehensive cover for your case. Since it is not compulsory coverage, most car owners overlook its benefits. However, below are the signs that this coverage is significant to you.

1. Your Car Is Leased or a Loan
Despite comprehensive cover not being necessary for most states, it is a must-have when the car you are using is on loan or lease. Whether your car is leased or a loan, the dealers want to protect themselves from liabilities when involved in an accident. They will always want the car back in the same state it left their dealership. However, compulsory third-party auto insurance never puts this into regard. The insurance can only stretch to the point of compensating the other driver. Car loaning and leasing businesses can never take this risk since accidents may at times be inevitable. Only the comprehensive cover offers them the protection they need.

2. Your Neighborhood is Insecure
Car repair is quite costly, especially when using your out-of-pocket money. For this reason, most people end up leaving their cars at home and opt to use public transportation to avoid such charges. You get compelled to use your out-of-pocket cash for car repair when your car has been vandalized or the content in your car stolen when you have no comprehensive insurance.

When your neighborhood is known to have regular vandalism to vehicles, it would be best to be protected by purchasing a comprehensive cover. Unlike compulsory third-party insurance, you may be required to pay a higher premium. However, all this is worth it if you will be at peace regarding the situation in your neighborhood in the long haul.

3. Your Location is Prone to Natural Calamities
Your location may be a high-risk area for storm damage and floods or even forest fires. These are some of the unforeseen factors that you may always have to prepare for in case of an occurrence. It may be devastating when floods or fires have hit your location, and you have to start from the ground and build yourself up again. The situation is even more stressful when you know that you will again have to purchase another car if it has been entirely damaged by the calamity or repair it.

It would be best to have peace of mind while recovering from such occurrences. However, this is only possible when you are guaranteed that you do not have to worry about the car other than taking care of essential things such as hospital expenses in case of injuries. A comprehensive plan implies that the auto insurance company will cover such claims.

4. You Insure a Young Driver
Young drivers, especially those 25 years and below, are considered high risk when they are on the roads. It is no wonder auto insurance premiums for such drivers always sky-rockets. There are lots of reasons why they are considered to be high risk. Some of these reasons include;
• Their inexperience on the roads has not had many years to practice when they lack the right skills to maneuver to avoid accidents.
• Their judgment is considered to be underdeveloped. Since their brains are still growing at this age, young people cannot make rational decisions when faced with problems on the road, unlike other older drivers.
• They get easily distracted while driving. Most young drivers have an adrenaline rush when on the roads as they deem themselves indestructible. For this reason, you will find them overspeeding, using their electronic gadgets, including phones, while driving, and driving under the influence.
Understanding that the chances of being involved in accidents than young drivers have is high should be reason enough to purchase a comprehensive auto cover.

5. Additional Benefits
There is comprehensive auto insurance that covers costs such as car rental. The coverage always depends on the situation leading to your car damage. Some cover for a certain period, while some cover the car rentals indefinitely. Therefore, if you are always on the move, you may need comprehensive coverage. As such, you are guaranteed that you are protected even in the case of car theft.

More and more drivers discover the lasting benefits they accrue when they purchase comprehensive auto insurance. If you are wondering whether it is worth the investment, you may need to read the above information.

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