4 Uses of Slow-Motion Videos

Did you know slow-motion has been used in filmmaking since 1904? Ever since then, it’s been used repeatedly as a way to change the visual experience for the person watching the recording.

Are you interested in mastering the slow-motion video, but you’re not sure if it’s worth your time to learn it? As is true with most types of art, there is a place for everything! Even if you’re not making full-fledged motion pictures, you still can benefit from slow-motion video.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the uses of slow-motion videos that you should take advantage of as an artist. 

1. Showcase Something Unique

One of the reasons that you might want to try slow-motion video is that it will help you accentuate something specific in the recording.

You can make sure that the audience sees something that may otherwise be easy to miss, such as a key facial expression or an essential prop that propels the story along.

2. Provide an Alternative Focus

Another use for slow-motion is to change the focus. In many cases, it’s easy to tell where the audiences’ eyes will go on the screen as they are watching a video.

However, if you want to change where the eye is drawn, switching to slow-motion will help you gain more control over the scene. You can create a new perspective for the audience that they may not have otherwise. 

3. Create Drama

There is something very dramatic about slow-motion because it has such a specific and narrow emphasis. It’s easy to slow down video, but audiences know that it is only done for specific reasons. 

When you switch to slow-motion, it catches the attention of the audience because it is out of the norm. They know something is going to happen, something is changing, or something requires their attention to understand the video. 

4. Explain Something In-Depth

If you’re creating a video that is meant to show off features or products, using slow-motion can help you emphasize these things much easier. 

You’ll often see this on commercials, for example, if a company is trying to show off new features for technology or electronic devices. Rather than using text or voiceover, you can literally show more specific details to explain something with the use of slower video. 

Use Slow-Motion Videos for a Different Effect

As you can see, if you choose to use slow-motion videos, you’re going to want to do it for a specific purpose.

The audience watching your video will know that there is something important about the scene or visual that you want to focus on, so slow-motion will help you capture the attention to get the desired effect.

Don’t use it too much, but don’t be afraid to experiment with this in your future videos either! 

If you liked reading about this, and you want to get more filmmaking tips, check out the rest of our blog for similar articles! 

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