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4 Reasons Why People Pay More for Porcelain Tiles

If you’re looking for the best tile option for your next home improvement, you may have come across various recommendations pointing to all sorts of options. So, you find yourself here, thinking of how porcelain tiles are the best choice.

As you know, these tiles distinguished themselves apart from their counterpart with the process of how they’re made. They are formed of finer clay and baked at higher temperatures. So, these tiles are denser and often thought to be of superior quality. 

When you consider the numerous advantages porcelain can give for your next renovation project, it’s simple to see why people are prepared to pay extra for them.

Liquid Resistance

Porcelain has a moisture absorption rate of 0.5%, making it virtually water-proof. So, it can withstand being installed in moist conditions like basements and bathrooms. 

There are only a few options better than a porcelain tile when it comes to moisture-resistant flooring. They are becoming more popular in recent tile trends, and knowing where to use them can greatly impact the way your house works.


Porcelain tile is generally the preferable option if you wish to employ tile in a commercial setting or a high-traffic area. This solid substance is far more difficult to break, and it can resist a lot of wear and tear over time.

Scratching or damaging porcelain, unless on purpose, is quite impossible. The fact that porcelain tile is difficult to break and extremely strong makes it one of the few flooring solutions you can think of that can withstand the test of time.

Of course, the durability of the tiles will depend on how you install them. So, it would help if you had careful installation techniques to increase the strength of porcelain tile, preventing cracking and other problems that are more typical with ceramic tile.

Highly Stain Resistant

Porcelain tile is very stain resistant for the same reasons it is resistant to moisture.

Unfortunately, when stains penetrate a surface, they soak down and solidify, making them extremely difficult to remove. But, with porcelain tiles, you can expect a highly impenetrable solution to most substances, making stains impossible to soak in and set.

Low Maintenance

Taking care of porcelain tile is easy! You can wash them off regularly and clean the grout in between, and they’ll last for years. In addition, because they have a consistent colour throughout, they will continue to look good even if broken or damaged.

Because porcelains are stain-resistant, you can easily rinse off spilt juice, coffee, or any liquid substances. Then, all you need is a quick sweeping or mopping to regain its brand-new feel. 

Porcelain tile is also ideal for pet owners since it is easy to clean up after accidents, mud, and other debris that would otherwise present a problem. Porcelain is the ideal tile flooring option if you want a surface that will withstand stains for a long time.

A porcelain tile, without a doubt, can create long-lasting, gorgeous designs that are water-resistant, stain-resistant, and chemical-resistant. They’re also more hygienic than carpets or laminates and can withstand regular wear and tear. So, weighing in on these advantages can help you avoid hesitation about spending more because you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

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